The industry may not want to be 100% safe about the virtual world. Eric Cosman, president-elect of ISA Worldwide, was the guest speaker at Cobisa and spoke about Automation Security and Industrial Control – past, present and future. He outlined the stages that cybersecurity professionals go through and the risks to be aware of, such as poorly made and even nonexistent inventories, difficulties in establishing authorization classes, poorly configured settings, loss of service, etc. He also talked about the most important norms to keep in mind!

Monika Bergamaschi, President of Lide Agribusiness and Abag, spoke about Industry 4.0 in agribusiness – there are many news and opportunities in the sector. Braskem spoke about its experience in digital transformation and the Campinas section of ISA honored Arnaldo Saito. Lots of information and networking at the event that brought together technicians and executives from Klabin, Solvay, Eldorado, Poli/USP, FEI, Unesp, PUC-Rio, UFRJ, Senai, Unesp Sorocaba, and more.